Halloween Party for the Kiddies

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Just a small Halloween get together/party i planned for my kids and my nieces and nephews. Planned within just a few weeks. Kept it simple, yet unique. Made everything from the garland, to the cupcake toppers, to the party favors, to the pinwheel fans, the banners and the pom poms. Only things i cheated and bought from the store was the pumpkin pendant banner and the crows.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration focus was around the martha stewart pumpkin banner i bought from Michaels. It was the first item that went towards the party so everything else was made to match the banner, and the style of it of course.

Decorating Style

DIY parties are always the most fun. To see everything that you made yourself, come together on one day, is very rewarding.

Project Details

The designs that are on the paper pinwheels and cupcake toppers and banners are from a halloween digital scrapbook bundle i purchased from etsy. As well as the brown boxes from the favors.

Favorite Items

Would probably be my pinwheels and garland i made. Simple easy decorations that really add elegance and character to any room.


Don't ever purchase something you can most likely make yourself. It's cheaper and more unique to make something custom because they are one of a kind and no one else will have what you made.

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    It’s nice that you did everything, if not most, of all the party details. I am a DIY advocate, too ;)

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