Haden’s Enchanted Forest Nursery

  • Crib and Rocker1/14
  • Room Inspiration2/14
  • LIttle Bear3/14
  • Little Bears4/14
  • Bookshelf5/14
  • Table with a view6/14
  • Drawer Pulls7/14
  • Entering the bathroom8/14
  • On-Suite9/14
  • Foxes10/14
  • Closet11/14
  • Inside Closet12/14
  • Hedgehog13/14
  • Room14/14


We love the outdoors, so we wanted to create a nursery that was a prelude to what he would experience once he gets older.  I loved all the owl theme decorations that were available for little girls, but we found very little with owls for boys.  I love owls, so we made our own style that included owls and other forest creatures.

Design Inspiration

I found this great banner on Etsy that had the colors and characters (owl, hedgehog and fox) which became my inspiration.

Favorite Items

Probably all the owls


  1. 1

    Really colorful room. Love the moss-green rug, it really gives a semblance of a grass-covered ground. And that artwork rocks. Who made it?

  2. 2

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