Growing Like A Weed 1st Birthday Party

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This party is a one-of-a-kind, quirky and creative!  It's also affordable and achievable so enjoy and check out the whole post on my blog.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by the old saying growing like a weed and all of the quirky things I could do with it!

Decorating Style

I like clean, creative, with pops of bright color! I l love mixing different styles like modern and vintage because a mix when done right, always gives character! I'm a sucker for a neutral palette like white with colorful accents.  I don't like to go over the top but rather focus on what details I do choose to use and make them great vs. making everything elaborate.

Project Details

All links to any sources I used can be found on the original post of this party on my blog.

Favorite Items

I adored the dandelion tissue paper and burlap garland.  It was unique and charming.  I am going to use it in my home as decor in my children's rooms now!

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