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Grey and Tangerine Modern {Woodland Inspired} Nursery

  • Ashley

    I love your nursery! Thanks for all of the sources info. The BM paint color is just what I am looking for and the IKEA shelves are a great solution! Very nice!!

  • Gracie

    Just perfect! That is a pretty shade of Gray. I don’t like the darker gray’s that I have been seeing in nurseries….because… they look gloomy. This is so bright and cheery and I love the pop of orange.

  • lutis

    Thank you, Ashley! :) Oh man, we had about 25-30 grey paint samples on our wall at one point. Grey is such a tricky color. Some of the greys looked blue or lavender in the different lighting, so I was so happy to finally land on this one. Glad you like it! I think you’ll also find some great affordable pieces at Ikea, they have some hidden little gems there :)

  • lutis

    Aww, thank you, Gracie! I am really happy with this color, grey is such a hard color to choose. We really love how it turned out. We almost went darker.. but like you said, it seemed a little on the gloomy side. Happy we went lighter :) Glad to hear you like the pops of orange! :)

  • lutis

    Amanda, You just made my day with this comment.. thank you! :) Makes me so happy! :)

  • Judy

    We have almost the same trees on the wall in the playroom however mine are wall decals

  • Judy
  • lutis

    Hi Judy, My husband painted these himself but I would love to get some decals for my son’s bathroom. Are they pretty easy to put on? I always wondered if they were tricky or not :)

  • lutis

    Hi Judy! My husband painted our trees but I have always wondered if the decals were easy to use. Do you like them? I bet your playroom looks amazing!

  • Erica

    Love this room! Where did you get the white lamp that’s on the side table. I’ve been searching for one just like it!

  • Judy

    Lutis, good for you! we’ve actually purchased a few decals from different vendors however the trees from thewalldecors are our favorite, I’ve installed the trees all by myself in less than 3 hrs :), I like the idea of wall decals, you can just take them off later when you decide to have a change instead of repainting the whole wall.

  • Judy

    Yes we love these wall decals! pls see my reply above.
    just checked out your birdhouse lamp, so cute and pricy :)

  • Mary

    Do you know what color fabric is your glider? Love your room. Thanks

  • lutis

    Hi Mary! It is called “Valetti Silver” Thank you for the sweet comment! :)

  • lutis

    Hi Erika, Thank you! I had so much fun getting his room put together. I searched everywhere for his lamp! I ended up getting it on through Amazon. Here is the link. (It says unavailable, but shows the name & info for Lamps plus so it may help you find it.) Good luck on the search :)

  • lutis

    Hi Mary! It’s called Valetti Silver :) Thanks!

  • lutis

    Hi Erica, Thank you! Had so much fun getting his room ready :) I found the lamp on Amazon. I was on the hunt for it! hehe

  • lutis

    I will def check out the decals for my little ones bathroom, thank you for the info! :) I love his little lamp, it was such a nice gift to us. Goes great with his room too :)

  • Jenna H.

    I absolutely love this room!! Such great Ideas and inspiration! Where is the crib from? Or what brand? I love that its white with some grey!

  • Gina Elm

    Where did you get your Alpha print with the I heart U in orange and the rest in blue? I assume etsy but if you have the shop that would be great!

  • lutis

    hi! Thank you! It’s by Baby Mod.. there is a link to it above :) We actually painted the bottom part that grey color. It came in a brown-ish tone :) Super easy to paint and made a huge difference too! :)

  • lutis

    Hi Gina! We actually made the print, though I’m sure you could find some awesome ones on etsy! I loveeeee etsy! If you shoot me an email, I can send you the print :)

  • Leslie

    Hi there, your nursey is gorgeous! My main hallways are BM Stonington Gray – everyone always asks.

    Quick question: how did you hang the mobile from the ceiling?


  • Sam

    This has become the inspiration room for my daughter’s nursery! :) I love that your husband hand-painted the trees; they look exactly like the wall decals!

    Can I ask how long it took him and how he did it? I’d love to try painting them for our nursery as well (but only if it’s not too time consuming)

  • Marta

    Hello! first of all what an amazing nursery! Love it! :)
    I’m going to hand paint the birch trees as well, and I was wondering if you have any picture of the entire wall that you can send me…

  • lutis

    Hi Leslie – So sorry for the late reply, I just now saw this.. . We used fishing wire to hang the mobile :) Thank you so much for the sweet words! Yayyy for Stonington Gray in your hallways! I would love to paint our halls that color too. Such a great one :)

  • lutis

    Ohmygosh… thank you so much! What a huge compliment!! I am so sorry for the late reply – I just saw this. (eek!)

    My hubby did them overnight (stayed up wayyyyy late) and then used another day to do touch ups – but he had it finished over the weekend :) I hope you had so much fun putting your daughter’s nursery together! :)

  • lutis

    Thank you Marta, so so so much! So sorry for the delayed reply! I am just seeing these comments. (so sorry!) I hope your trees turned out beautiful and you had a blast painting them! :)

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