Golf Birthday Par-Tee!

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Although there are a few golf themed parties out there, I was really inspired to make my little boy's birthday a fab "par-tee" with lots of candy and lots of fun! Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet little boy!

Design Inspiration little boy loves playing golf with daddy and we found a mini golf course with a huge volcano, perfect for a mini golf party.  I was inspired by several parties I found online, but I gave it my own spin.  

Decorating Style

I love all things modern and simple... polka dots and stripes. 

Project Details

For the background I used synthetic grass rugs from The Home Depot and hanged it from the tent.  I covered the top with tissue paper pom poms and decorated with a birthday banner.  I also made my own 'Be calm and play golf" poster that I framed and put on the food table.  We had lots of green. white and blue candy for the kids and everything was personalized: water bottles, Hershey's Kisses, candy cups, candy tags, name tags for each kid.

Favorite Items

I would say my favorite are the personalized water bottles and Hershey's Kisses.  They were a huge hit among our guests.  Everyone was really impressed.  I also love the candy buffet.  I really put a lot of thought into it and it came out amazing!


As I always say, stick to a color scheme and patterns.  I love polka dots and they were perfect for the golf ball theme!

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