Gender Reveal

  • Gender Reveal Balloon Box1/11
  • Gender Reveal Box2/11
  • Gender Reveal Pick Your Team3/11
  • 1463634_669055373138523_1228809587_n4/11
  • 994400_669046559806071_76442733_n5/11
  • 1146714_669047286472665_1608346594_n6/11
  • 969274_669050133139047_1948657623_n7/11
  • 1394410_669048119805915_1905814858_n8/11
  • 1462888_669052329805494_1993070024_n9/11
  • 1465279_669052856472108_868108123_n10/11
  • 999619_669054093138651_31257614_n11/11


A gender reveal party. No one, except the Aunt that brought in the box, knew the sex of the baby. Guests were encouraged to pick a "team" - Girl or Boy- before the balloons were released.

Design Inspiration

The element of surprise for all involved.

Decorating Style

Simple, DIY

Favorite Items

Box and balloons


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