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Gender Reveal Party

  • avalon

    Kudos to you for making everything DIY! Your decorations look fun, and I like that you didn’t go overboard. So how did you reveal your baby’s gender? Through the color of the icing inside your cupcakes, as seen in one of the photos?

  • Rachel Easley

    Yes, everyone bit into their cupcakes at the same time for the reveal! We just injected blue icing into the middle of the cupcakes before icing them.

  • gg4jc

    Very cute! What was the blue juice? I’m having a boy shower and the colors are turquoise and lime green. I’ve been trying to think of what drink to use that’s blue.

  • missStephanie4

    i love the idea of a gender reveal party! and the blue icing is great. well done :) and at gg4jc: maybe have lemonade with a few drops of blue food colouring?

  • gg4jc

    that sounds like a good idea missStephanie4 ;-) thanks!

  • Rachel Easley

    gg4jc- Sorry I am just now responding to your question! The blue drink was actually blue Kool-Aid. They have 2 or 3 different blue flavors. Hawaiian Punch also makes a blue punch! 

  • mpchanel

    The cookies are precious! I love them, wish I had thought of that for our daughter’s gender reveal this past June


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