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Gender Neutral Sheep Nursery on a Budget

  • BriskRain

    So lovely! Very calming nursery. I like the dominantly green color scheme. And there’s a Precious Moments painting on the wall, too. I love Precious Moments! But you know what the best thing about this nursery is? It’s the fact that you put it together using gifts, old stuff, budget finds and Etsy.

  • avalon

    This exact shade of green is always easy on the eyes and always has a calming effect to the senses. I also like your choice of sheep as theme. I already have quite enough of the usual owls, elephants and giraffes. And yeah, I love the idea that so many people are involved or have contributed to creating this charming little nursery for your little one.

  • stephanie

    this is what i want in so many ways! lovely! awesome job! thanks for being so detailed! <3


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