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Gray and White Gender Neutral Nursery Tour

  • Kate

    Really beautiful room!

  • Ross Neytiri

    I love the photo wall. It’s like an inspiration board.

  • alisag

    beautiful room! 2 questions for you….
    1. i have the empire rocker on order as well. I really wanted the cream color (I’m assuming that’s what yours is?) but when I got the fabric swatch it was much more beige (almost khaki) then it appeared in pictures and I decided to go for the slate. In your pictures, it looks very white though- what does the color look like in person? If it really is that white- I may call and change the order!

    2. can you send me the info and specs/dimensions on the side table that goes with the rocker? I’m trying to figure out what table to get but it’s hard without having the rocking chair delivered yet and I like the size and scope of yours…

    thanks so much! Great job!

  • emily

    Hi Alisag-

    I was surprised, like you, at how cream the rocker looked when it arrived. In every picture I saw (including the ones I took), it reads much whiter. But it is truly a cream off-white. Now that it’s in the space, I like the contrast since we have a white crib, but it did take my by surprise.

    The side table can be found here:

    Hope this helps :)
    Thanks for looking and best of luck in your nursery!! I’m sure it will be gorgeous :)

  • MelC

    Beautiful neutral room. Where is the ladder from?

  • Kim Menard

    Love the whole room. Did you paint the ladder? If so, did you just use a whitewash? Also, what did you use to secure it to the wall?

  • delamja

    Can you give the name of the paint color you used? Thanks!!

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