Finley’s Rainbow Birthday Party

  • Rainbow Layer Cake1/14
  • Rainbow in flowers2/14
  • Invitations3/14
  • Balloon Wreath4/14
  • Rainbow dining room5/14
  • Sweets6/14
  • Rainbow Ceiling7/14
  • Rainbow Cupcake8/14
  • Birthday Girl9/14
  • Rainbow of guests10/14
  • Sweets table11/14
  • Pinwheels12/14
  • Slice of the rainbow13/14
  • coosies14/14


Rainbow 1st Birthday Party

Design Inspiration

Colors, colors, colors!

Decorating Style

Simple, clean, handmade

Project Details

rainbow cupcakes recipe:

cake batter puppy chow:

fruit skewers:

balloon wreath:

filled some vases/jars with colored rice:

fireplace garland:

onesie and tutu:


Favorite Items

The cake and paper flowers.


Start early, scour the internet, and don't be afraid to tweak something more to your style. The dollar store, Hobby Lobby. Marshall's and Ross were my go tos.


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    The kind of party young kids would really love and enjoy! I really like the balloon wreath!

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