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Eric’s Gray and Yellow Modern Nursery

  • Hollyjwsmall

    Wow. I really love the color combination you used. It came out as a very modern and clean room. Great job!

  • luvmycrew

    What an awesome transformation of a room. I love the color combo. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Luciana Misura

    Thank you Hollyjwsmall and Luvmycrew!

  • San Diego Mobile Notary

    I really love the color combination you used. Awesome transformation of a room. Love it!

  • Recreate

    It’s great that big sister got to help paint the new baby’s room! I really love hearing about the entire family giving a hand in designing a nursery. Yours turned out really modern and stylish. That pouf is really nice looking, too.

  • Hollyjwsmall

    Congrats on being featured on ohdeeoh!

  • S.Harris

    Perfection! Love the fabrics, paint…everything! :) Congrats Momma!

  • Melisa

    Job well done! We were thrilled to feature your first and delighted to share your second. We also just featured you on our homepage photo gallery. Thanks again.

  • Liz

    I am totally in love with the bedding you made!! I have been looking for gray and yellow crib bedding forever, and I can’t find anything I like. I wish I could sew!!

  • Rachel

    Personally, is not my taste. I think children’s room should be colorful but peaceful at the same time. Bright different colors would give it a much happier touch and well, make it look like a children’s room and not a design project coming out of a magazine. The room is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I would associate a child’s bedroom to a more happier looking decoration with lots of different colors, animals, shapes and everything else that would make think of children.

  • Luciana Misura

    Thank you all! :-)

    Rachel, isn’t it nice that we all have different tastes? It’s a bright and cheerful room in my opinion.

  • otto

    the best…bjs prima!

  • serendipity

    i am doing a gray and white theme and was browsing for ideas and came across yours…and i just want to say that i LOVE your nursery :)
    very clean and bright…

  • Rachel Carl

    I love these frames-which ones are they from ikea? I am trying to find them. Would love to know!

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