Erica’s Girly Owl Themed Baby Shower

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This whole shower was designed around the baby's nursery....CoCalo Tahiti crib bedding and adorable owl wall decals.

Design Inspiration

The baby bedding and two beautiful fabric patterns found to coordinate

Decorating Style


Project Details

We used custom labels for everything to make it personal and special for the mom to be. We made custom candy bar wrappers, hershey kiss stickers, water bottle labels and more!

Favorite Items

The framed A-L-E-X signs on the mantel.... the pattern behind the letters was lovingly and painstakingly redrawn to match the fabric on the main buffet table.


Remember all the small details, they make all the difference!


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    I love the colors you used for this party!!!!  And I adore those cupcake labels you have there.

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