Emmy’s Rainbow Party

  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 0601/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 0632/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 1063/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 1134/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 1365/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 1506/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 1567/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 1588/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 1709/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 22910/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 23011/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 23512/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 23613/14
  • 8-20-2011EmmyRainbowPartyNIKON 23914/14


Tons of fun and lots of work planning this Rainbow party!  It all paid off as my daughter Emmy smiled and giggled all day long!

Design Inspiration

What could be better then Rainbows? Colorful and fun, perfect!

Decorating Style

Mediterranean meets Anthropologie...with a touch of shabby chic.

Favorite Items

I absolutely LOVED my daughters outfit!  Pamela at redapplegreenworm on eBay was great!

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    A rainbow-themed party is one of my favorites. For one, it’s an easy theme and you don’t really have to spend too much just to make things pretty and fun. And where there are young people around, colors never fail. Ever.

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