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Emily’s Artsy Traditional Nursery

  • Destiny

    So tell me more about painting the rug. I need a great rug but dont want to spend the money. Im sure its a real “labor” of love it looks great. What kind of paint did u use?

  • Pam

    I love the painting you did for Emily’s nursery! so cool that she will have something to cherish for years and years.

  • erinmodglin


    Destiny, I used approximately 4 bottles of regular craft paint (Americana brand, cheap at $.79 a bottle) and mixed it with a bottle of liquitex fabric medium (about $18). The medium reduces the stiffness of the paint when it dries, it’s definitely worth it if you’re going to have a baby crawling on the rug! I actually wish I had used a little more. I just laid out the rug, found the center and placed the stencil in the middle and worked outwards. (the erslev is not even, so its wider in the middle and narrower on the edges, don’t start on the corners!). I used more of a dry brush technique so it looked more “worn” and also so I didn’t have to paint in all the little crevices of a flat woven rug. Hope that helps!

  • Carine


    I love this room!

    Which Americana craft paint color did you use for the rug?



  • erinmodglin


    Carine – I used a mix of Coral Blush and Melon, about half and half

  • Kristin

    Love this nursery! Where did you get your crib?

  • Mrs.Echon

    Awesome job on the rug,most especially! Love the pops of mint green! Great DIY room!

  • catej

    this is awesome I love everything about the space!

  • msacra

    This is such a precious room. Any little girl would love to have this as her nursery.

  • Lacey

    I absolutely LOVE the artwork. Is there a way to purchase a copy?

  • erinmodglin


    Thanks, Lacey! I wish I could say yes, but unfortunately I don’t have prints available now. Maybe in the future…

  • Florence Amber

    Love the artistry behind everything! That artwork above the crib and the colorful abacus are lovely. I am curious how the alphabet blocks look like now.

  • Jennifer

    Great rug!

  • Julie

    Awesome rug!! Where did you buy the stencil? Did you use a foam bush?

  • erinmodglin


    Julie, I got the stencil from, they have some really great geometric all over stencils. I used a regular cheap bristle brush, the kind that are sold next to foam brushes at the craft store. Just put some paint on the end, dab the excess off, and dab onto the rug. If you have excess paint it will just look more opaque. I wanted it to look more worn. Hope that helps!

  • beks

    AMAZING!!!! All of it.

  • corrine

    hi! just wondering if you used the allover stencil, or the craft stencil? thanks!!

  • Erin


    Corrine, I used an allover stencil so the pattern was bigger. The craft stencils are smaller I think.

  • Adriana

    Great nursery! Where did you get the crib?

  • Laura Krustchinsky

    Super nursery!! I love the rug and painting!!!

  • erinmodglin


    Adriana – That crib was gifted to me years ago for my first child. It was purchased at a boutique, Blue Moon, in Houston that has unfortunately closed since then.

  • Adriana

    Thanks for responding Erin! Does it have a brand name or anything on it? I have been searching cribs like crazy for the last couple of months and love the look of that one.

    You did such a good job on your daughter’s nursery…great inspiration!

  • erinmodglin


    Thanks Adriana! It was made by the store owner, same with that dresser. They’re both pretty big bulky pieces! I wish I could tell you a place to find one like that. the only place I’ve seen that shape is Restoration Hardware but they’re really pricey.

  • ryan

    hi there, my wife and i love the painting you did. we’re wondering if you would be open to doing one similar, at least in the same color palette, for our daughters nursery? if you are open to it, let us know and we’ll contact you directly about details. thanks! ryan

  • Katie

    I LOVE this room! I am desperate to know the wall color though. I’m awful at picking interior paints and you’re clearly an amazing artist. Do you have a guess or suggestion as to the paint color. I’d really appreciate it :) Thanks!

  • Alexandra

    Where did you get the Crib skirt? I love it!

  • NatCR

    Lovely room – my fave piece is the rug.

  • Savannah

    Can you tell anymore on the painting? I’m so in love with it!!! You would want to sell it would you or make another? haha

  • Savannah


  • Savannah

    Very last question, if not can you tell where you found the frame you put it in? Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful room with us!

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