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Emaline’s Elephant Nursery


  • Kate

    I love this room!!! Great job and great color scheme! I was wondering how you made the fabric orbs that are hanging? They are beautiful!

  • adebruin

    I was wondering the name of your wall paint color?

  • Christie

    The wall paint color is Sherwin Williams Dovetail Gray.

    I found several tutorials/blogs online to help with how to make the fabric orbs. This one is probably closest to the method I used:

    For attaching to the ceiling, I installed cup hooks and sewed a loop at the top of each ribbon to slide on them.

  • Ross Neytiri

    Such a beautiful space! Really nice colors, too. Love everything elephant in here, especially the elephant artwork above the crib. I also like how you did the alphabet wall.

  • Shaymo10

    AMAZING! Does your mom have a business?

  • Rachel

    How did you attach your letters to the wall?
    And did you get them at Hobby Lobby?

  • Christie

    Yes, I got the letters at Hobby Lobby. They were way easier to attach to the wall than I anticipated. I just put a few pieces of poster putty on each letter. They are so light weight, the attach really easily.

  • Anna

    Your nursery is absolutely gorgeous!! Can you share the name of the teal floral fabric you used?

  • Anna

    Your nursery is absolutely gorgeous!! Can you share the name of the teal floral fabric you used?

  • Glenn B

    Grandpa Glenn
    What a wonderful Nursery. The Teal / Aqua color is my favoraite. The use of colors and shapes is very focused- but calming- Real Genius Level.
    The Elephants and Alphabet really finish off a beautiful job.
    Emaline is one very fortunate little girl in every way.
    Give her a “Monkey Walk” for me.

  • Christie

    I wish I could! I don’t know the name of it, and unfortunately the fabric store in Houston where I got it no longer carries it. If I ever come across it again, I will let you know!

  • karen m butler

    Grandma Karen

    Your nursery is gorgeous but it can’t compare to beautiful little you. Ironically, your Daddy’s room was filled with elephants when he was a little baby.
    If you are ever “sent to your room for bad baby behavior” (it will never happen) but it will be like spending time in a spa with great books!!!
    I love you so much little girl!
    Grandma Karen

  • Nida

    I love the elephant mobile. Does your mom make and sell them?

  • Kelly

    How did she make the mobile?? Where would you find those little elephants? I love so much!!

  • Cali

    Oh my goodness!! I LOVE everything about this!! Where did you get your fabric??? It’s perfect!

  • Amber

    If you are finished with the bedding and mobile would you be willing to sell? I’m trying this same theme! Love it :)

  • jordy

    I absolutely love this! I was wondering what your mother used when she made the elephant painting. I want to try and make something like it and really liked the pattern and colors.

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  • Melissa

    Where is the chair from?

  • Sarah

    I was wondering where you got the paper that you covered the letters from. I love the colors and have been looking for paper, but can’t seem to find any.

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