Ellie’s Nursery

  • Dresser1/21
  • Lambchop Rocker2/21
  • Books3/21
  • Lay me Down to Sleep...4/21
  • View from Hallway5/21
  • Changing Table6/21
  • Shelves17/21
  • Shelves28/21
  • Bedding9/21
  • Nook10/21
  • E for Ellie11/21
  • Closet 112/21
  • Closet213/21
  • Crib and Walls14/21
  • Glider15/21
  • Curtains16/21
  • Table17/21
  • Bed18/21
  • Dresser19/21
  • Ellie's crib!20/21
  • Tree!21/21


Ellie's room is full of love! Her father and I chose each piece and aspect of the room! We are on a small budget and wanted something cozy and not the typical pink.

Design Inspiration

The purple wall color from Benjamin Moore gave the room its warm feel and next came the furniture and bedding...classic elements that will grow with her.

Decorating Style

Simple, classy and not cluttered.

Favorite Items

I don't just have one!


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    You’ve created a beautiful and feminine room without going overboard. Good luck on your delivery!

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    I love this room. My daughter has similar bedding, but i’m hesitant about painting all the walls purple. However, I like what you did. Did you use the same purple on each wall? (some of it may look like a different shade due to lighting??)

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  7. 7

    where did you get your rocking chair? Do you like it? I’ve been looking for a rocker/glider for my nursery and a lot of the ones I see have reviews that say they are small and don’t support your head.

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    Love the color of the walls. Can you please tell me what the name of it is?

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