“Adventure is Out There!” Elinor’s Nursery

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We decided to create a fun hot air balloon theme-loosely based from the movie, "UP" which has a fun, adventure loving girl named "Ellie," who shares our daughters name. The room was designed around the tin hot air balloon mobile we found online for under $20. We wanted it to be fun and feminine!

Design Inspiration

the tin hot air balloon mobile, and the cute yellow paint color called, "cuddle" (it's unfortunate the camera lighting doesn't allow you to see it better-it really is a charming buttery color)

Decorating Style

Easy, colorful, whimsical and fun-on a budget!

Project Details

Proudest piece: my no-sew window valances! Almost everything you see is a thrift store or bargain buy at places like Big Lots (which I love!)


You can do a great design for cheap!


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    That pink shelf is so adorable! And the hot air balloons mobile is really cute, too. I also like the fact that you beautified and repurposed old cardboard boxes into storage bins.

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