Elegant Glam Baby Nursey

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This project was done for a beautiful baby girl, Emma.  Mom did not want a themed room, but wanted something simple yet elegant.  This was my first time decorating a baby's room, and I had so much fun doing it.  I can't wait for another one!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was somewhat of a pottery barn look with a twist of glam.

Decorating Style

Elegant Glam

Favorite Items

My favorite piece in this room is the beautiful turquoise damask chair that was refinished and re-upholstered by a wonderful company called Painted Dog Furniture which can be found on etsy.com


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    Wow, this room is beautiful! Very simple and elegant. Congrats on getting your business started. I look forward to seeing more of your projects in the future.

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    Thank you everyone! The rug is from Overstock and the crib and changer were ordered from a website online. Ebby, I will get back to you with the name of the site, I have it saved on my computer at home.

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    I love so many things in this room! The frames above the changing table, turquoise damask chair, the rug, the chandelier, and the cherry blossom wall decal.

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    The was not my top pick. I cant believe it won…..who ties there drapes in a knot? The little side table sitting in front of the window has no purpose. Maybe try it next to a chair?

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