Eleanor’s Little Loft Nursery

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We live in a loft, and Eleanor's bedroom is teeny - 8'x9' - and has no natural light (only partial walls with a gap at the top), so I was aiming to create a colorful, fun space for our little lady to enjoy, with the intention of softening the concrete ceilings and brightening the otherwise dark space.

Design Inspiration

The palette was inspired by the print above the crib - called Secret Garden by Allison Keefe.

Decorating Style

Comfy, colorful, clean & eclectic.

Project Details

There are a couple of DIY projects in here - I recovered the glider, made a silhouette of our corgi, and updated some plain mats to make a unified gallery wall. Sources for everything else are listed here.

Favorite Items

My favorite thing in the room was the gold polka dot wall. I used four sets of decals from Land of Nod and made a stencil to make the process of hanging them really quite quick (more details here). We rent, and it was a very easy way of creating a feature in the room without doing anything difficult to get rid of when we moved. I know gold dots are everywhere right now, but I love them!


Nurseries are a great excuse to design the way you want to, before your little one starts to weigh in on decisions too, so I picked what I loved and had fun.

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