Edie’s Perfectly Patterned Purple and Turqouise 1st Birthday

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We held Edie's 1 year birthday party at her grandparents' HOA playground, ate cake and sandwiches, and monkeyed around on the jungle gym.



Design Inspiration

The theme:  I was up putting Edie to sleep one night staring at a Puffs Plus tissue box and thought, "That pattern is too cute to just throw away! I'm going to make something with it!"  The color scheme of purple and turquoise flourished from there.  I immediately ordered my husband to buy tissues in that color scheme only. (We use a lot of tissues around here.)

Decorating Style

I've been a fan of '60s style for about 10 years now.  I describe my style as vintage-modern with a touch of minimalist-classic.

Project Details

  • I upcycled the boxes and created a "perfectly patterned" garland.  I simply cut off the 2 sides which were fully printed and cut them into circles. I also added some circles cut out from paint chips, too.
  • I also made the heart chain from some clearance cardmaking paper ($3 plus staples!)
  • I made her smash cake, which was inspired by another ombre "messy" cake I'd seen online.  I love intentionally messy stuff...so easy and you can't get it wrong!  Just separate the white frosting into 3 different bowls and put more food coloring in the first bowl than the other 2 and so forth...  Drag the back of a spoon to create the messy look.


Favorite Items

The garland. Hands down.


Don't go overboard on your baby's 1st birthday.  Keep it simple, yet chic and sophisticated.  Don't spend more than a couple hundred bucks. A simple buffet and cake is plenty and be sure to hold your event in a kid-friendly space.  Also, make sure to have simple kid-friendly foods. We had PB&J, which was a huge hit!

Babies don't know who Dora, Elmo, etc.. are, so why not create something the grown-ups can enjoy looking at?  (..at least until your baby has an opinion.)


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    I like the simplicity of this party. I am one of those who believe that first birthdays need not be too grand. Let’s reserve the grand celebrations for when they can already remember them.

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