Eclectic Twin Nursery

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I wanted a modern, eclectic feel for this twin nursery. Clean lines and multiple textures. I wanted a nursery that could grow with them. I wanted a nursery that I could add anything I wanted and it just "worked" with everything else in the room.

Design Inspiration


Decorating Style

Modern, Eclectic, Country..really anything I like!

Project Details

I used mostly IKEA furniture except for the cribs. Those are PotteryBarn. The turquoise part was originally pink, but they were 50% off. So I painted them with chalk paint before assembling. The lamb rugs are from Ikea. The fabric banner, chandelier I made. The curtains are custom made by a local curtain place here. I put up the plank walls myself. The pillows and throws are from PotteryBarn. The play gym is from Finn + Emma. My twins have LOVED this from the very beginning! The animal containers are from 3 sprouts. I want the whole collection! The changing pads are from Mamas and Papas. ( I would so recommend, just wipe and go!)

We kept any pictures or objects from above the cribs. I also took all the glass out of the pictures. My husband and I are just paranoid! Better to be safe than sorry. 

The paintings are from Jahna Vashti and John W Golden on Etsy.

More paintings are from andralynn on Etsy.

The fox blocks are from MiaBooo on Etsy.

The animal heads are from Heads on a Wall on Etsy.

Favorite Items

The chandelier I made!  I used this gals tutorial.


Go with whatever you will work! Just stick with the same general feel.


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