Easter Party Play Time

  • Lemon peep cupcakes1/14
  • Peep Straws2/14
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  • IMG_56994/14
  • Kiev Cake5/14
  • IMG_56806/14
  • IMG_56907/14
  • Peep Cakes8/14
  • IMG_56729/14
  • IMG_568010/14
  • IMG_568311/14
  • Wall Decor12/14
  • IMG_580013/14
  • IMG_581914/14


An Easter celebration highlighting spring, peeps and sweets.

Design Inspiration

Spring and all of its glory.

Project Details

The peep straws were a fun element and the kids loved them. Peep lemon cupcakes were also a hit. The Kiev cake, a Ukrainian delight was absolutely fabulous. Coconut cream eggs and bunny lollipops were easy favors.

Favorite Items

The peep straws!


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