Disney Cars Birthday

  • car close1/11
  • pot2/11
  • cake pops13/11
  • pots4/11
  • car pops15/11
  • car far6/11
  • carcake7/11
  • cartable18/11
  • cartable9/11
  • brian sign10/11
  • Brians_Invitation111/11


Cars themed Birthday

Design Inspiration

Followed the theme from the invitation. Focused on Lightning McQueen for most of the design.

Project Details

Reds, oranges and yellow were the main colors.  Some checkered flags.

One comment

  1. 1

    I’m going to show this one to my little boy. I’m sure he’d go nuts because he super likes Cars. And he will be turning 3 in two months.

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