Dino-mite Dinosaur 3rd Birthday Party

  • Printable Dinosaur Party Deluxe Decor Kit1/30
  • Love That Party Dinosaur Deluxe Invitation Set 2sml2/30
  • Luca Dino Welcome retouched3/30
  • Dino Table and Decorations4/30
  • Dino Table setting5/30
  • Dino Table Long Close up6/30
  • Dino Table Portrait7/30
  • Dino Table close-up8/30
  • Dino Table Long Close up9/30
  • Dino tails on chairs10/30
  • Love That Party Dinosaur Bunting 311/30
  • Dino Cupcakes12/30
  • Dino Luca Cup13/30
  • Dino Food Table Right14/30
  • Dino Jelly Close up15/30
  • Dino Cookies16/30
  • Dino Jurassic Jelly Close-up17/30
  • Fruit Salad18/30
  • Dino Food table with hands19/30
  • Dino Cupcake Crop20/30
  • Dino Cupcake close up21/30
  • Love That Party Dinosaur Happy B'day Banner Close-up22/30
  • Dino Party Cake23/30
  • Dino Party Tail in action24/30
  • Dino Kids Favour bags25/30
  • Dino Party Cake Close-up26/30
  • Dino Fossil Collage 327/30
  • Dino tail Close up28/30
  • Love That Party Printables Dinosaur Birthday29/30
  • Dinosaur Birthday Party by Love That Party30/30


WE had a ROAR-ingly good time at my son's Dinosaur 3rd Birthday Party. The kids had such a great time and the dino theme was easy to put together. It was DINO-mite!

Design Inspiration

My son picked the Dinosaur theme and I was more than happy to run with it. I designed the printable party invitations and dinosaur decorations cause that's what I do (check out my blog at Love That Party)!The colour palette was green, olive, burnt orange and brown. Pretty dinosaur-y colours I think! I added an unexpected touch to this classic boys birthday theme, with an argyle print check and contrasting wide stripes. I wanted this design to be sophisticated enough for older kid's parties but not too scary looking for the littlies. I love the way it turned out! You can see more of my designs in my SHOP here. And see my work on the BLOG here.

Decorating Style

I LOVE colour and pattern and lots of it! I love creating unexpected combinations and breaking the design "rules". One of my favourite motos is "More is more"! My party designs are all about FUN and HAPPINESS. I LOVE helping my customers to achieve stylish, colourful and memorable kids parties and baby showers with my party printables. In a word my style is FUN!

Project Details

Printable Dinosaur party invitations and Decorations are by moi ( that's french for "me". I was trying to be fancy, lol!), Bec of Love That Party. I also made those fab Dino tails you see in the pics. The inspiration was from Pinterest, but I changed the pattern a bit to suit myself.

The birthday cake was SUPER easy guys, seriously. I baked it myself (but you could buy one), iced it with choc buttercream, threw on some choclate rocks and topped it with my printable dinosaur cake toppers. EASY! No late night cake decorating here! The same went for the volcano cupcakes, just added buttercream, crushed biscuits, jam and orange icing (for the lava). Just throw it all on, you can't go wrong here, then add the printable dinosaur cupcake wraps and matching cupcake toppers. They were even personalised with my son's name and age (I can do that for you too)! All perfectly co-ordinated and matchy-matchy. Aaah, party styling heaven!

The party games were dino themed of course. Cause I LOVE a fully themed party. The kids had a ball with the fossil hunt and dino dig. You can see all the details of the how to's and DIY in the full post over on the blog here.

Favorite Items

My fave items in this party are (gosh guys this is hard to choose just one) the birthday cake (and the volcano cupcakes), the dinosaur party hats (more of my printables), the 3 piece invitation set and those dinosaur tails, of course! Oh...and the jelly cups (another BIG hit!)


To recreate this party for your little Dino lover, just pop over to my blog and get all the extra info and D.I.Y details here. I have all the dinosaur party printables you need over in the SHOP and I can personalise them just for you!

Other tips are to prepare simple party food in advance. Make it look super special by serving in mini individual containers and add stylish touches like decorated toothpics/cupcake toppers, mini flags, personalised labels, tags, ribbons, stickers, colourful cutlery, paper straws etc. Even simple things like jelly can be made to to extra appetising with a few little touches. In fact, they were almost irresistable!

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