D.I.Y. Backyard 1st Birthday Cake Smash

  • The cakes1/27
  • Backdrop2/27
  • prep time3/27
  • Ready for cake4/27
  • Declan digs right in5/27
  • Gwendolyn gets a closer look6/27
  • such a dainty little taste7/27
  • DSC00858/27
  • Not sure what to think yet9/27
  • DSC009010/27
  • DSC009411/27
  • let me try yours Gwennie12/27
  • DSC010113/27
  • DSC010414/27
  • Their faces say it all15/27
  • DSC010816/27
  • This stuff is amazing!17/27
  • I am not a fan of this mess mom!18/27
  • DSC014319/27
  • DSC015820/27
  • And she's had enough. Off to the bath!21/27
  • That means more cake for me!22/27
  • DSC030223/27
  • The face of a boy who's first word was "eat"24/27
  • little frosted hands and feet25/27
  • DSC041426/27
  • Aftermath27/27


I knew I wanted to do a 1st birthday cake smash for my twins but it's so expensive to hire a photographer, so I decided to do it myself. I created the set, we ordered the cakes from a local grocery store (one was even free as they offer a free smash cake with purchase of a cake for first birthdays), and my sister was kind enough to step in as photographer!

Design Inspiration

Summer, circus (their birthday party is next weekend with a circus theme)

Decorating Style

eclectic- I like a mix of new and old and high and low cost items

Project Details

Cakes- Albertsons

Trellis panels- Home Goods

Lace Romper- Ebay

Diaper Cover and Tie- Etsy, shop Callyfindlay ( She was awesome. The first tie and diaper cover she made and shipped to me were never delivered so she remade it and shipped me a new set free of charge)

Oilcloth tablecloth and placemat- Zulilly

cake buntings- Etsy, shop owlanddove

Cake plates- My own (purchased at Pier one about a year ago or so)

banner- Target

vase- my own ( by kate spade, it was a wedding gift) 

Old coke crate- Ebay

Favorite Items

loved the lace romper and diaper cover/tie! I also love the old coke crate, I get a lot of use out of it.


I am super glad I didn't drop a ton of money on a professional cake smash because my daughter HATED ever second of it. She lasted maybe 7 minutes before heading off to the bath. Just take tons and tons of pictures and edit them later. That's how we managed to get a few cute ones of her before she had totally had it!


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    These twins are just the cutest and I love the photos – great job! The little boy is so funny with cake all over his cute little face.

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    Your twins are adorable! Love the lace romper and tie and diaper cover for the cake smash. Great idea.

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