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Grey, Aqua, Giraffe Nursery

  • Allison

    I love the lamp that you said is from Target! I would like to buy that for my nursery. Is the lamp shade also from Target, or did you find that somewhere else? Thank you!!

  • WiseMamaBlog

    Thanks! Its called the Threshold Lacquered 2-Bulb, if you need help finding it. My talented mom made a lampshade cover with fabric from Carousel Designs. There are some pretty good how-tos for covering lampshades out there. Good luck!

  • Jillian Scotts

    Love the clean effect of all the whites that make way for the pops of various colors!

  • WiseMamaBlog

    Thans, Jillian. I tried to edit when it came to adding color. Although, the room has more color now with toys and games for my babe — fine with me!

  • Ammar Kadhim

    Make me wish to be child again and have this stylish and simple colors

  • Jewel363

    Hey I was hoping you could help. What shade of blue from Carousel did you use in the crib skirt? Was it solid aqua or solid turquoise? Your help is appreciated!

  • WiseMamaBlog

    The fabric in the crib skirt is solid aqua. The sheet is aqua snakeskin. I hope that helps!

  • WiseMamaBlog

    Ah, to be young again…

  • jaffar

    The good woman in a good place …that is amazing …!!!

  • ldorough

    First- love the room! Second-can you tell me where you got the elephant? Love how floppy it is.

  • WiseMamaBlog

    Thanks! I found the elephant puppet at a local store, but it’s available on Amazon bundled with some other products. Search for the Folkmanis Elephant Plush Hand Puppet or follow my link to it at

  • Guest

    Thanks! I found the elephant at a local store, but it’s available on Amazon bundled with some other products. Search for “Folkmanis Elephant Puppet” or follow the link I included at

  • Ad

    I love this nursery . Can you tell me where your husband got the photos of the objects for making the “H” art. Thanks.

  • WiseMamaBlog

    The “H” is made primarily of stock images. My husband’s a graphic designer, so he has access to a lot of that.

  • Christina

    I’m considering this crib but was concerned the skirt will be too tightly fitted with the drawer on the bottom. Did you fold the chevron under? Instead of letting it just hang. Was curious it looks great

  • WiseMamaBlog

    When the crib’s at its highest, the crib skirt doesn’t interfere with the drawer. As I’ve lowered the crib, the skirt hangs over the drawer. I just keep things in the drawer that I rarely need, so it doesn’t bother me at all. I hope that helps!


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