Connor’s Soccer and Sock Monkey Room!

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We did a sock monkey and soccer themed room.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a room he could grow into. I did not want to have to update his room in 2 years. His dad was a great soccer player so we did a soccer theme. I had a sock monkey themed shower so I decided to also add it in to his nursery.

Decorating Style

Rustic vintage

Project Details

The funiture is from Babies R Us. The bed skirt and pillow is from Treasure Room. Most of the wall art is from hobby lobby. The announcement is from Painted Zebra. The poem and Connor blocks are from Baby Moon.

Favorite Items

The announcement from Painted Zebra, the Mizzou Sock monkey, and his newborn sock monkey pictures.


I like rooms that have themes with meaning.. Like the school you went to or team you root for or a sport you played. I think it gives the room a warmth to it.


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    I love this dominantly brown room. This space is so male, so it’s definitely a room your little boy can grow into. And oh, I can so relate to spending your birthday in the labor room!

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    Yes… Most of the wall decor is from hobby lobby and I got it during a 50% off sale so his room was pretty inexpensive to decorate!

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    Yes… Most of the wall decor is from hobby lobby and I got it during a 50% off sale so his room was pretty inexpensive to decorate!

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    Hi, just out of curiosity, what was the name of the collection of furniture that you guys bought at Babies R’ Us? I really love how the crib slightly dips in the middle. I’m sort of short and that might be handy for me!

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    The grey tan is Martha Stewert Paint but I will have to get back to you on the name of the color. The blue is Glidden’s Blue Grey.

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    The crib is Sorelle Verona Lifetime Crib – Espresso. It converts into a crib, daybed, toddler bed, and also a full size bed. Very sturdy too!

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    Hi.. sorry this is super late but I don’t get email notifications on this so I just happened to look back at this and saw you had wrote… I got the block letters from Baby Moon. If anyone else has questions please email me at

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