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Colorful, Gender Neutral Nursery

  • Hollyjwsmall

    Love the colors and the owls!

  • Ysczabel

    I love your alphabet wall art. It’s very colorful and interesting. I also love the color of your wall; very refreshing and cool on the eyes. Love your bedding and your vinyl tree art, too.

  • Cristina

    I just wanted to say that I love your alphabet wall art! It’s so cool!!

  • marchbaby

    love your room :) where did you get the baskets for the ikea cubbies?

  • sludwig119


    thanks! they are from target

  • laceyb

    The letters are FABULOUS!

  • Lindsey McMillen

    Hi, where did you get the white picture frames? I absolutely love this room!

  • Irene

    O.M.Gosh! Super cute. Where did you get the letter C?

  • Traci

    Love the nursery! We are using skip hop bedding too. What paint/color is on the walls? It is a perfect blue!

  • Lauren Winiarski

    I love your alphabet wall! Where did you find the O, L, U, and T?

  • Lauren

    Oh, and where C?

  • sludwig119


    The O was from Michael’s. U from Hobby Lobby. T was a cross I’ve had for a really long time. L I painted onto a canvas from Michael’s. I found an L I liked, printed it at the right size and then traced around it with paint. The reds C I found the art online and then traced it on foam board and then covered it with fabric.

  • sludwig119


    Sorry for the delayed response! We used a local company. I just took the bedding to the store and went a few shades lighter than the blue on there.

  • Cat

    Love this nursery. Where is your crib from?

  • Jena

    I love your nursery! I was curious what your cubbies are called? I can’t seem to type the right combination of words to find them on Ikea’s website.

  • sludwig119


    It is the DaVinci crib. I bought it on CSN baby online.

  • sludwig119


    The cubbies are EXPEDIT from IKEA.

  • Angela


  • Bethany P

    Where did you find the lowercase g? and the i? thanks!

  • Sandy

    Bethany P,

    Hi Bethany,
    I actually made them out of foam board. I printed out fonts I liked and then traced and cut them out of the board. Then I midge podged fabric on them.

    I was thinking of buying from but did it myself to save money.

  • Bethany P

    wow!!! I haven’t worked with foam board but will be giving it a try! What do you need to cut throught the foam board? exacto? Thank you very much!

  • sludwig119

    Bethany P,

    I used an exacto knife. It wasn’t the easiest thing on curves but it worked. The edges were kind of wragged but it didn’t matter since I covered them with fabric. This is where I got the tutorial on how to wrap the fabric.

    If you want other idea’s, this is my Pinterest board for all things letters.

  • Erin G.

    What a great room…I love everything! Where did you get the side table next to your chair? Thanks!

  • Sandy

    Erin G.,

    I had the hardest time finding something low, small and cheap in a color i wanted.I know Ikea used to sell them but had no luck there. I just searched online (can’t remember the exact store). But I know now you could get them at Target, I think they may actually be considered a stool. I ended up painting the one I got white because it was a weird color.

  • Erin G.

    I feel like I’ve seen them before, but now that I need one, I can’t seem to find :) Thanks for getting back to me!

  • Sharon A.

    I LOVE your nursery! I see the photos of the crib and ikea shelves, but I would really love to see photos of the rest of the nursery. You mention (above) some of the other items you used, but I must see photos! Will you please email me a few? Thank you so very much. Thanks for sharing your beautiful design. I’m inspired!

  • Kristin Giteles

    I as wondering how you or your hubby hung the letters….

  • Melissa

    Can you please tell me the blue paint color you used? It’s perfect.

  • jesshutt

    where did you get the Cincinnati Reds “C”??

  • stacey

    Do you remember where you found the color orange and purple you used on the letter wall? And what they were called?

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Love the alphabet wall.

  • EileenGreenArt

    Very nice alphabet :))) Furniture in white color make room airy and peaceful.
    And I can see there my favorite – cute owls :))

  • Kristal

    I found the stackable toy today at tj maxx…

  • saraegrace

    what is the name of the paint color??? I looooooove it :)

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