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Colorful Circus Gender Neutral Nursery

  • Jan

    Love It! It is so colorful and the gray is just the right shade! I do not like it when I see nursery’s with dark gray….It looks to dark for a baby. I prefer softer colors for the walls.

    How did you do the name above the crib? I also like what you did with the bumpers….it keeps them from looking so plain. I looks like a set! Every thing looks just perfect….the reading nook with the shelves…the Hot Air Balloons above the crib….the pic above the dresser….the orange closet. Every thing looks so thought out! Your little boy is adorable!

  • Andrea Lowe

    Such a beautiful and fun room! I like that it’s so spacious, with a reading corner and library. I love the hot air balloon mobile and also love how you did the name sign.

  • Bree

    Love everything I your this room. Please can you share how you made the k marquee light and the bench cushion? I would be sooo happy :)

  • Joy Kelley

    Hi Jan! Thank you for the compliments, you are so sweet =] I am writing a post explaining in detail how I made the cardboard sign above the crib, so you can check out my blog next week for it.

  • Joy Kelley

    Thank you Andrea!

  • Joy Kelley

    Hi Bree, I have the post explaining how I made the marquee light as a draft, as soon as I have time I’ll post it on my blog! Sadly I didn’t take pictures of the bench cushion process but I basically sewed stripes of gray and white together and then cut it to the size I wanted, added a back and zipper in one of the sides, I used a 3″ foam that I wrapped in batting for the inside, hope that helps!

  • houseofwebb

    Hi there! Did you make the rainbow “say I love you” print or purchase it? I would love to print it out for my baby daughter’s room. I just love it!

  • Joy Kelley

    Hi =] The print is now available in my Etsy shop:×11

    Have a great day!

  • valontheroad

    Beautiful room!!! the map is so cool!!! Fantastic idea!!!!

  • Joy Kelley

    Thank you =]

  • mostlysunny

    I love it!!!!! So cute:)

  • Denise

    I absolutely love the detail of this room! Amazing! This room could definitely grow from a baby’s room to a child’s. Which is a added bonus because our little angels grow up so fast! Beautiful!

  • naomi

    This is a wonderful and happy space for a child to grow up and play. Love it.

  • ScottishMrs

    This is quite an amazing nursery! I think my favourite thing in it is that elephant lamp you made. I am definitely going to try to do something similar to make a sucky lamp for our little baby. You did an amazing job with everything.

  • JWalder

    Beautiful nursery! How did you get the Drona bins that color? And are the numbers just a decal? Thank you so much!

  • Britt

    I would love to know about the bins too. I am looking for bins just that size and color and having a hard time finding them anywhere! Everything looks beautiful and playful!

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