Christian’s Nursery Fit for a Prince

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A Project For



Nursery for a baby boy designed with the idea to keep it simple, but have it's own personality. I love monograms, so I love how the cornice board ties that in.

Project Details

Bedding- Caden Lane Preston Bedding Name Letters- Ordered custom through Nursery Couture. Cornice Board-Luxe Blue Pinstripe Fabric- Caden Lane Rug- dark blue Shaggy Raggy rug

Favorite Items

My bedding is my favorite item. I love the stripes, and the combination of the patterns is still boy enough, but has a classic look.


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    I agree with Jillian. I really admire how you committed yourself to blue and really stuck with it. I know keeping it all-blue would be hard as you go along and as items of various other colors start coming in here.

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