Choo Choo Colby is 2!!

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Little Colby was turning two and his mom wanted a party based on his love for trains!

Design Inspiration

This party was designed with the love of trains through the eyes of a 2 year old!!

Decorating Style

Simple with bold colors!!

Project Details

Party planner:

Patterned paper used for pinwheels:

Boxes used to hold pinwheels and chocolate number 2's:

Sugar cookies by:

Printable party set:

Green and blue polka dot boxes:

Chocolate transfersheets used on Oreos:


Favorite Items

My favorite item from this party was the paper pinwheels that I made by printing of double sided paper!!


Paper plates make a perfect background and a bold statement!!


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    I love the idea of this! She is very talented at what she does as this is not the only party i have seen created by her. Me, being chef and graduated of culinary school. I know all about the time it takes to add the little details that she puts into all her work. I am intrigued by her talent, as she is able to create almost anything with perfection. Keep up the good work!

  2. 2

    I love the projects that you have done. From what I have seen on here of your work you should have your own business on a full time basis.

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