Choo Choo Arron is Three! A Thomas the Train Inspired Party

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Choo Choo Arron is three! A fun and creative party for a train loving boy!

Design Inspiration

My son LOVES Thomas the Train so of course I had to create a fun and creative Thomas the Train party!

Decorating Style

Fun, creative and original

Project Details

Everything was handmade my me for my little man's big day! The look on his face when he was it all was priceless and worth all the hard work and planning!


Favorite Items

I think my favorite thing would have to be the Thomas the Train kids' table! It was so much fun to create and my son flipped when he saw it!


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    My 3 year old loves Thomas well 3 yrs in 5 weeks what a great idea great work,

    Where did you get the train hats and whistle. Any tips you can throw my way? Thanks in advance

    Pauls mom

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    loved it all! You are so creative. I especially loved the “logs”, treats table, and the cake! I’ll be “borrowing” some of your ideas for my little one’s 2nd birthday next month. He’s a huge Thomas fan!

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    Hi Melissa, I just wanted to know where you got the Percy and James Balloons from? I’ve been looking everywhere for them, and nothing! Please Help Me Out!

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    Hi, where did you find the “Thomas theme” fabric for tie. I am in desperate look out. Also are there any instructions. Please and thanks!

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