Charlie’s Baby Shower

  • BABY SHOWER 111/18
  • BABY SHOWER 102/18
  • BABY SHOWER 123/18
  • BABY SHOWER 94/18
  • BABY SHOWER 85/18
  • BABY SHOWER 76/18
  • BABY SHOWER 67/18
  • BABY SHOWER 58/18
  • BABY SHOWER 49/18
  • BABY SHOWER 310/18
  • BABY SHOWER 211/18
  • charlie baby 612/18
  • charlie baby 513/18
  • charlie baby 414/18
  • charlie baby 315/18
  • charlie baby 216/18
  • charlie baby 117/18
  • charlie baby18/18


When we found out we were having a little girl our wheels instantly started turning thinking about how her shower would be. Girly shabby chic has always been something that inspires me when I think of little girls.

Design Inspiration

When we started planning this shower we knew we wanted very feminine touches with pinks, gold, and a little bling. Garden chic was our plan along with children's books also going for a vintage touch.

Project Details

Florals done by us. Rachel Pacheco and Celia Milla

Favorite Items

My favorite items had to be the chandelier and cake decor as well as the florals.


Pinterest came in handy with getting ideas for this shower along with Etsy.


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    Your cake is gorgeous. I love how you decorated your tables. I especially like the one with a lovely little canopy.

  3. 3

    The subtle presentation allowed for elegance without going over the top. Loved how the paper craft (cards, placards) kept the delicacy of the overall theme.

  4. 4

    Hello how did you make the flower on your invitations and what font did you use ?
    So pretty congrats !!!

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