Cecelia’s Big Girl Bedroom

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My main goal with Cecelia's space was to keep it timeless enough that I wouldn’t have to redo it in five years. I wanted to create a room that was “girly” but could easily transform into a “young girl” room in a few years.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration and color palette came from the "Watercolor Peony" wallpaper that I purchased from Anthropologie.

Decorating Style

I love to create spaces that combine vintage items with more modern pieces creating a unique one of a kind room.

Project Details

For a source list and links to the DIY projects we did in this big girl bedroom, visit Rebecca Boyce Interiors.

Favorite Items

My favorite item in the room by far is the wallpaper. It creates an amazing focal point framing her antique bed and tying all of the room elements together.


Choose an inspirational piece that can drive your design, whether it be a piece of art, a light fixture, or bold bedding and remember to mix old with new to create a one of a kind space.


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    We bought this wallpaper too and painted her walls a light pink. I was wondering where you found her drapes and quilt at the end of the bed?

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