Cat in the Hat Birthday Party

  • Cat in the Hat Goodies - cupcakes, candy and favors!1/7
  • Cupcakes to look like Thing 1 and Thing 2's hair2/7
  • View of cupcake table3/7
  • Party favors to look like the Cat's Hat using red and white gumballs.4/7
  • Image of Thing 1 and Thing 2 from a teacher's supply store and rock candy suckers5/7
  • Rhymes were used throughout the party to let guests know what type of food and treats were being served6/7
  • Rhymes used throughout party to let guests know where food and treats were7/7


My daughter loved the Cat in the Hat when she was three so I thought it would be a perfect theme for her birthday party. It was difficult to find items at the local party store so we had to improvise a bit. By using a few theme colors - red, white and turquoise we were able to pull off a simple Cat in the Hat party.

Design Inspiration

Cat in the Hat cartoon and books

Decorating Style


Project Details

Most of the items for the party were purchased at a teacher supply store including cutouts and stickers that were used as decorations and cupcake toppers. Other items including napkins and plates were purchased online.

Favorite Items

My favorite item was the Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes. I had my local grocery store bakery make cupcakes and then decorate them using turquoise icing and a special tip to create Thing 1 and Thing 2's hair. Then, I purchased Cat in the Hat stickers and stuck them to toothpicks to make cupcake toppers. It was easy and very resourceful. For favors I used red and white gumballs and stacked them to look like the Cat's Hat in a clear bag and tied them with a red ribbon and a thank you tag.


If your child is into a particular show or book pick one or two things from the book and run with it to create a one-of-a-kind party theme. As you look back on your child's birthday parties it will also help you to remember what they were into during a particular time in their life.

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