Camp Davis First Birthday Party

  • JCP_1094-3470225155-O1/18
  • Camp Davis Birthday Party Food Table2/18
  • JCP_0985-3470216191-O3/18
  • Barack Burger for this Camp Davis Birthday Party4/18
  • JC2_3875-3470231955-O5/18
  • Franklin D. Franks for this Camp Davis Birthday Party6/18
  • JCP_0982-3470215963-O7/18
  • Snack Table for this Camp Davis Birthday Party8/18
  • JCP_1031-3470221383-O9/18
  • Kindling Chocolate Covered Pretzels for this Camp Davis Birthday Party10/18
  • JCP_1392-3470259373-O11/18
  • JCP_0992-3470216604-O12/18
  • Candy Bar for this Camp Davis Birthday Party13/18
  • Camp Davis Birthday Cake14/18
  • JCP_0929-3470209846-O15/18
  • JCP_0953-3470212352-O16/18
  • JC2_3902-3470234800-O17/18
  • JCP_0897-3470207131-O18/18


My blog post has a full description of the event! :)

Design Inspiration

Camp David- the presidential retreat

Decorating Style

Rustic, Camping, Presidential

Project Details

Favorite Items

Obama-ized photos for sure!


Think beyond each detail- as an event planner I've always believed that even if it costs just a bit more to do- if it makes the look/idea complete, you gotta do it!


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