An Infants Private Playground Nursery

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A Project For

Our first child, Dallas.


4 weeks old


We redecorated a spare bedroom and transformed it into a Nursery. The room was previously used by young family members whenever they came to visit. They painted, drew, wrote and scribbled on all the walls. Using them as their own personal canvases to express their artistic personalities. With our permission, of course. Once we found out we were pregnant we begun to brainstorm ideas and scoured the Internet for inspiration. The video linked below highlights the transformation from a crayon crime scene into the infants private playground its become. The before and after.


Design Inspiration

We wanted something calm, soothing, bubbling with color and fun. Something playful, functional and interesting to the eyes of a babe. A kids space. Somewhere relaxing to be early in the AM when we're changing diapers. The ocean was the inspiration behind the blues and oranges found in the room.  An aqua transparent landscape full of colorful sea  life.

Decorating Style

Semi-Modern, but not without color. Not entirely simple. Splashes of color. Fun.


Project Details

Once we knew we were pregnant we immediately begun scouring the internet in search of ideas. We settled on a Safari theme. Mainly Zebras, Elephants and Giraffes. It proved somewhat difficult trying to find accessories, toys, etc. that fit with the theme. We liked the idea of wooden pull toys and focused on finding some of those to go in the room, as well.

There's lots of manufacturers represented in our design. From bedding from Serena and Lily to Crane for their Timmy the Tiger humidifier.

Favorite Items

My absolute favorite item in the room is the Alphabet end Table.