Boats and Bubbles 1st Birthday Party

  • Hanging Origami Birds1/11
  • Cardboard Shaped Sailboat for Holding Birthday Gifts2/11
  • 548254_10100484186883008_2021046322_n3/11
  • 296832_10100484186418938_353057902_n4/11
  • Origami Sailboat for Holding Goldfish Crackers5/11
  • 526964_10100484185949878_1218772585_n6/11
  • 296545_10100484187347078_1386546260_n7/11
  • 418871_10100484187656458_826369477_n8/11
  • 376634_10100484186608558_518770148_n9/11
  • 320149_10100484186344088_278844244_n10/11
  • 250373_10100484186498778_644094665_n11/11


This is my son's 1st birthday party which was a "Boats & Bubbles" nautical theme.

Design Inspiration

I just wanted a nautical themed birthday. It was during the summer and it was a swim party so I wanted something to go along with that.

Decorating Style

I love DIY!

Project Details

Photography: JL Photographer

Printables: There's a Peanut in my Belly

Sail Boat Paper: Michael's

Sail Boat Coloring Sheet: There's a Peanut in my Belly

Light Houses: Michael's

Hand Made Items: Boat, Origami Birds, Origami Boats

Favorite Items

The boat was my favorite thing! It was really easy to make and it was a huge hit. It really made the party come together as a "Boats & Bubbles" theme!


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