Blossom Nursery

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I designed this blossom nursery for an expecting mommy that I have known since elementary school.

Design Inspiration

The West Elm rug was the jumping off point.  The colors and boldness were so perfect, but I didn't want the entire room to be bold.  I wanted to use soft colors and art to complement the amazing rug.

Decorating Style

I like to design rooms for clients that can grow with their children.  The nursery is an extension of your home and design style, it doesn't have to scream baby.

Favorite Items

There are so many items in this room that I love, but I think I'd have to say the Blush Blossom art just stands out to me.


I like to tell people to balance the space properly.  Like with this space, the rug was so bold,  so I wanted to keep the rest of the textiles more subtle.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns as long as they are all different scales.


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