Big Girl Neverland Room!

  • I should like to give you a kiss1/31
  • Rocking horse2/31
  • I was a mermaid in a previous life!3/31
  • Sleeping nook4/31
  • Think happy thoughts5/31
  • An awfully big adventure6/31
  • The beginning of fairies7/31
  • I'll be waiting8/31
  • What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?9/31
  • Isn't it amazing what clever girls can do?10/31
  • Mermaid is spoken here11/31
  • Peter Pan whiteboard12/31
  • Books, books, and more books!13/31
  • That place between sleep and awake14/31
  • Playtime15/31
  • Neverland is not so far16/31
  • Let's go to neverland!17/31
  • I believe in fairies18/31
  • Second star to the right19/31
  • Reading nook20/31
  • Everyone needs a Wendy to tell them a story21/31
  • I've lost my marbles22/31
  • You are my happy place23/31
  • Armoire24/31
  • Starry skies25/31
  • Not all who wander are lost26/31
  • Peter Pan27/31
  • Tick tock goes the croc28/31
  • Never grow up29/31
  • Pirates, a Mermaid, & a Fairy!30/31
  • Tiger Lily's Teepee31/31


I wanted to create a whimsical and fun big girl Neverland room for my little girl who just became a big sister.  I wanted her to be excited about the new space (and not jealous of the baby who would soon be in her old nursery) and help her embrace being a girl girl (toddler bed)!  The teepee, tons of accessible books, and fun dress-up clothes and toys around the room, there is endless fun and imagination ahead!

Design Inspiration

I've always loved Peter Pan and think it's a really fun story with lots of interesting characters, life lessons, and endless imagination and excitement.  What better big girl room theme for a fiesty toddler ready to take on the world?!

Decorating Style

I wanted this room to be fun above all else.  My daughter's shrieks of joy when playing in the teepee makes me think I achieved that goal!

Project Details

Teepee: Etsy


Armoire: IKEA

Glider: Rosenberry Rooms (Nursery Works)

Book Ledges: IKEA

Rug: RugsUSA

Rocking Horse: Etsy

Mermaid Sequin Pillows: HomeGoods

Mermaid & Fairy Pillows: Etsy

Whiteboard: Vintage

Teepee Rug: IKEA

Dresser: Vintage

Mirror: Land of Nod

Star Lights: Target

Hamper: World Market

Favorite Items

I think I would have to say the teepee because playing in it makes my daughter so happy!


Have fun with decorating and utilize etsy to bring uniqueness to your kid's room.  Think about different ways to make the room grow with your child too.

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