Beige and White Neutral Nursery for Baby Boy

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A Project For

Baby Jay




Atlanta, GA


I wanted to create a calming and relaxing environment for my son that was fairly neutral with accents of blue and a bit of ruggedness throughout.  I am thrilled with the outcome and it has become my favorite room in the house.  I think it's a good blend of sweetness, which is what I wanted for a nursery, with a touch of masculinity in some of the accent pieces.  I also love that with a few changes I could make this room suitable for a girl down the road.

Design Inspiration

I searched high and low for a room/picture online that described the look and feel I was going for.  Nothing quite captured it until I found another room on Project Nursery that had the same color palette and feel I wanted..."Lawson's World Traveler Nursery".  I used this room as my inspiration.

Decorating Style

Overall I think my decorating style is a mix of classic and rustic with a hint of modern.  I don't like things to be matchy matchy which is evident if you come to my home.  I wanted the same for this nursery...a neutral palette with a mix of textures to make the room feel a little rustic and boyish while still being sweet.

Project Details

The first thing we did in this room was add the board and batten molding to the lower half of the walls.  I love the visual interest and texture this created in the room (my sweet husband did this all himself and it saved a ton of $).  Below is a source list for the rest of the room:

The Jenny Lind Crib: Koo Koo Bear Kids

Crib Skirt: Etsy, Cottage and Cabin

Crib Bumper: RH Baby and Child

Crib Sheet: RH Baby and Child

“Love You to the Moon” Pillow: Etsy, He She Chic

Sheepskin Rug: Home Decorators Collection

Dresser: IKEA

Changing Pad Cover: RH Baby and Child

Diaper Caddy on Dresser: Target

Animal Prints Above Dresser: The Animal Print Shop (Framed Myself with IKEA frames which Saved a Lot )

Large Stuffed Giraffe: Melissa and Doug on Amazon

Monogram Above Crib: Etsy, The Spotted Zebras (painted myself)

Book Shelf: IKEA

Bins on Bookshelf: Target

White Ceramic Elephants on Bookshelf: Nadeau Buckhead

“I Love You Forever Sign”: Etsy, Cottage Sign Shoppe

Drum Side Table: Nadeau Buckhead

Glider and Ottoman: Koo Koo Bear Kids, fabric on ottoman is custom from Lewis and Sheron in Atlanta

“J” Pillow on Glider: Jonathan Adler, Custom Made

Floor Lamp: Walmart

“Sweet Dreams” Sign: Etsy, House on a Hill Creations

Window Panels: World Market

Window Hardware: World Market

Light Fixture: RH Baby and Child

Elephant Hamper: Home Decorator Collection

Favorite Items

Hmmm, that's tough.  I love everything.  I had a budget to stick to and thus had to pick and choose what we "spent" on and what we saved on.  My parents graciously gave us some money to put towards the crib and dresser and because we ended up going with an Ikea dresser, we were able to get the crib, dresser and bookshelf all from them as a gift.  This allowed us to splurge a little more on the chair and some other items that I really think make an impact in the room.  If I had to choose a few favorites they would be:

Light Fixture - This pendant from RH Baby and Child was definitely a splurge and more than I had intended on spending but I just couldn't find anything else that I loved as much and I think it really pulls the room together.  It's the first thing everyone comments on and really stands it was worth it in my opinion.  I was able to get it on sale 25% off which helped!

"J" Pillow on Glider - Again this was more of a splure item as Jonathan Adler pillows aren't cheap...but it was exactly what I wanted and hopefully will be a keepsake Jay will have for years to come.

Stuffed Giraffe - I just love this guy and have always wanted one of these for a nursery.  Was able to get it on Amazon about $30 cheaper than normal retail.  Again another item I feel really stands out in the room.

Chair and Ottoman - This was our biggest splurge but we wanted something that would be super comfy as I am sure many hours will be spent in it :)  I am so glad I chose to do a custom patterned fabric on the the visual interest it brings to the room.

Animal Prints Above Dresser - I mean what's not to love about these cute little guys.  I have stalked these prints for years and was so happy to finally be able to hang them in my baby boys nursery.  I saved some $ by framing them myself with Ikea frames.


My advice is two-fold.  One...stick with your original instinct for the look and feel you want.  I originally wanted something more neutral and soft and after hours browsing on Pinterest almost went another direction.  I am so glad I ended up going with what I initially imagined.

Two...some think its silly to go all out decorating a nursery but decorating is something I truly love and I wanted to create a perfect little room for my first baby. My husband and I had to much fun preparing the room that I am sure it will be so fun to look back and think on the memories once Jay is here.

Lastly, don't stop until you feel that the space is truly "done" and don't let anyone tell you differently.  Everyone kept telling me how great it looked and I didn't need anything else but it just felt like a few little things were missing.  Once that last part came into place it just felt perfect...and I grin from ear to ear every time I go in the room.


  1. 1

    Such a beautiful and classic nursery! I love the soothing colors and it is not silly to decorate the nursery! He can grow with this room…because it is not to baby.
    Love it! 5 stars from me!

  2. 2

    loving this nursery, its timeless! What is the wall color used? Its so hard to find a perfect neutral!

  3. 3

    I would love to know the wall color and the blue color you painted the monogram. Such a lovely room!

  4. 4
    avatar Brittany Robinson

    Thanks so much!

  5. 5
    avatar Brittany Robinson

    Hi Samantha – Thank you so much! The wall color is Sherwin Williams Stone Mountain (8232W). Its one of the basic colors the builders used in our home and after several beige’s we went back to it. Its the perfect neutral…not too pink, yellow or gray like some of the other beige colors we tried.

  6. 6
    avatar Brittany Robinson

    Hi Lisa – Thanks for your comment. The wall color is Sherwin Williams Stone Mountain (8232W). In regards to the blue on the monogram I had Home Depot color match to the sheet which is from RH Baby and Child. Its this sheet in the Cloud color:

    I’ll look tonight on the can and see if they list a color name or perhaps a number.

  7. 7

    Thank you :)

  8. 8
    avatar Hilda S. Diaz Escalera

    Beautiful!! What is the wall paint color?

  9. 9
    avatar Brittany Robinson

    Hi Hilda –

    The wall color is Sherwin Williams Stone Mountain (8232W). Thanks for your comment!

  10. 10

    Thank you so much for replying! I am in love with this nursery, it is so beautiful and calming!

  11. 11

    Hi! Love the nursery :) Question – where did you buy the Now I lay me down to sleep sign?! Thanks!!

  12. 12

    Hi there! Love the animal prints–can you please tell me which size frame and what style these are?

  13. 13

    Hi! I’m in love with your nursery and am using it as our inspiration for our May baby boy. Wondering where you got the banner above the rocker. Do you remember where you purchased it? Thanks!!

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