BEARY excited for their lil’ CRITTER

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This shower was inspired by my besties nursery theme. It was a forest themed room. We decided to make the bear character the focal part of the shower theme with the other characters here and there.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration came from the nursery. We wanted to use the characters so items from the shower would match the room.

Decorating Style

Fun & Bright

Project Details

We were lucky enough to have design program knowledge and her family that makes custom signage to really have the theme shown in many areas of the party from decor and games to the cupcakeCAKE. :) I would just say to get creative and think of ways to incorporate theme wherever possible.

Favorite Items

The favor boxes turned out so cute! We did animal crackers for guests to enjoy!


Use lots of bright colors and fun patterns to make the space look fab!


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    OMG I LOOOOVE!! Would they happen to want to share the designs, or even sell them to use for my BFF shower that is coming up?

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