Beachy and Whimsical Surfboy Bedroom

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I designed and decorated this room for my own "big boy" when I was pregnant with my second, and was looking for something that two little California beach boys could grow into and ultimately share.  I was very inspired by a photo of the bedding in the Serena and Lily catalog but put my own spin on it with black furniture, a rather random collection of surfer and beach art and photography, and a hand-painted surfboard.  The walls are bold green and there is an occasional hint of orange in the room.  Photos by Jackie Culmer Photography.

Design Inspiration

We live in a simple house in a beach town, and I wanted a beachy vibe.  I saw this bedding in a pretty bohemian layout in the Serena and Lily catalog and thought I could do something similar but with a more preppy yet surf-y spin.  A main goal with the room was to leave a lot of floorspace for the boys to play.  When I found this low bunkbed we had to have it!

Decorating Style

As an interior designer I have learned to be versatile and modify my style to fill my clients' wishes.  My personal style tends to be colorful and vivid, with lots of bold prints and textural mixes.

Project Details

Bunk Bed: Kids' Alley

Bedding: Serena and Lily

Drapes: Pottery Barn

Rug: Pottery Barn

Artwork:Tyler Warren, Vintage, Nautical Maps, Wall Decal

Surfboard: Painted by Designer

Photos: Jackie Culmer Photography,

Favorite Items

My favorite item is definitely the collection of three custom "surf-cowboy" art pieces.  I saw the red piece in a surf art gallery but really wanted a few different pieces.  So I contacted the artist Tyler Warren, who also happens to be a local pro surfer (which my surfer husband found to be very cool!) and asked if he would create a couple more pieces for me in different colors.  I love how they came out and they really capture the overall whimsical and beachy feel of the room.


Don't be afraid to take a photo of a room you love and recreate it with your own pieces and your own spin.  So much of interior design is knowing what to choose; sometimes that simply means choosing from a photo you like!  Every room will be a little bit different and there are so many ways you can make it uniquely your own.


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    I really love the colors and the striped bedding. Was the bed sold as a bunk bed or 2 separate beds? Something about the height seems off. The bottom bed looks quite tight. I do like the integrated storage in the top bed though.

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    What a fun room. Love the vibrant use of color and art. Great space for sweet boys for play and sleep. Love the blue against the green.

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    Love that Hokusai art “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” Love that particular shade of green on your wall, too.

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    Hi Syleste,
    Thanks for your great comments. This bunkbed was designed as you see it: it is actually a trundle-style bed on the bottom underneath a low bunk on top. This is great for younger kids and much easier to “make” the top bunk than on normal bunkbeds. There’s also a bit of a “cubby” in back of the storage unit that the kids like to hide in. :)

    Anna-Marie Claassen, Anthology Interiors

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    What a great use of space, and such a great combination of colors! You have really created a relaxing and cheery spot for your boys!

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