Baby Roberts’ Bright & Modern Nursery

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I've always prided myself in my fabulous closet! However, after finding out that I was expecting my first child, I began the process of converting my closet to my new nursery! This is the journey of designing my fabulous nursery!

There's still soooo much to do. Be sure & check back weekly for updates! 




Design Inspiration

I'm inspired by bright, bold colors! I love modern looks & unique designs!

Decorating Style

Modern, artistic, cool, unique...

Project Details

The beautiful custom baby bedding was made by the lovely Lori Crick in Dallas, Texas. Such a talented woman!

Favorite Items

My favorite item is my "Be cool, baby" Painting!


If you're torn between several colors that you like, don't be afraid to try them all! I was scared in the beginning that I had "too much" color and now it's all coming together in a bold, beautiful way!


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    I bet everyone is dying to know where you got everything. That picture is greatness! Where is the chevron storage bins and the lamps from? You should post where everything is from

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