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Baby Maddox’s Nursery

  • Michelle

    Maddox’s nursery is awesome! I love how you did the name above the crib- very different!!! How did you do the letter M? This is definitely a nursery he’ll be able to grow into. I love how you added “family” touches throughout, too.

  • edgrimes

    Thanks Michelle! For the M, I got a thin piece of rolled cork and glued it to the inside of the back of the frame. Next I covered it with white paper. I lightly penciled an “M” and then used tiny nails to outline the “M”. I would put the tip of the nail in glue before I punched into place to help it stay. Once glue dried, I used red thread to go back and wrap around all of the nails to create string art. See attached picture.

  • edgrimes

    I answered in the comment section and added a picture of the “M” art process

  • Andrea Lowe

    Nice room. The MADDOX mixed media artworks are just cool! The mobile is nice, too, but if it were me, I wouldn’t want anything sharp and spiky near my baby.

  • Nicole

    Love this nursery, especially how you did the name above the crib. Very cute. And the paint color looks almost identical to our daughter’s room (she is due any day now), but we did that color blue with lots of lavender/purple.

  • Vanya

    Gotta love how you did the name art! Talk about labor of love!

  • jasmina

    One thing’s for sure; Maddox will remember his name!

  • PN_Sabrina

    the handmade monogrammed wall is awesome. congrats on being one of our favorite projects of the week!

  • Cassie Banka

    I love the letters and appreciate the tips for the M. Do you have any suggestions for the other letters? For example, how did you get the puzzle pieces, buttons and cars to stay so well without showing the adhesive? What size photo frames did you use? Did you choose a particular font and print a large template or are your letters hand drawn? Finally, how did you stack the frames on the wall and still have them attached securely? Thanks for your input, I hope to do something very similar for our baby boys nursery.

  • Lanieslyter

    How’d u overlap the picture frames?

  • KD Antonacci

    I’m with Cassie! i would love to know how you did the puzzle monogram letter “d”. i’m putting one together now after seeing yours & not sure if i should use craft glue or a glue gun. i printed out my letter using OpenOffice Draw & their WordArt option (instead of a normal text letter). it worked great because it gave me more control over sizing & position. right now i’m testing using an solid lined outlined letter, dotted lined outline letter, or solid color letter (so far solid color is winning, like your “A” crayon). but i’m just uncertain how many layers of puzzle pieces & the best adhesive to use. would love it if you could advise!

  • KD Antonacci

    i would like to thank Erin for the inspiration! i don’t think mine turned out as cute as hers, but it sure did make for a nice Valentines Day project with my hubs!

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  • Jennifer Keys

    Do you still have Melissa’s Boutique contact information. I love the chevron pattern but can’t seem to locate her on Etsy.

  • Lindsay

    Where did you find the sock monkey with that color scheme?? :D

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  • Victoria

    Can you give me the link to the etsy store Melissa’s boutique?? My email is thank u!!


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