Baby Luke’s Modern Vintage Nursery

  • Luke L Newborn-131/35
  • Luke L Newborn-142/35
  • Triangle Crib Mobile3/35
  • Luke L Newborn-164/35
  • Luke L Newborn-175/35
  • Luke L Newborn-186/35
  • Luke L Newborn-197/35
  • Luke L Newborn-208/35
  • Luke L Newborn-219/35
  • Luke L Newborn-2210/35
  • Luke L Newborn-2311/35
  • Luke L Newborn-2412/35
  • Luke L Newborn-2513/35
  • Luke L Newborn-2614/35
  • Luke L Newborn-2715/35
  • Luke L Newborn-2816/35
  • Luke L Newborn-2917/35
  • Modern Vintage Nursery18/35
  • Luke L Newborn-3119/35
  • Luke L Newborn-3220/35
  • Luke L Newborn-3321/35
  • Luke L Newborn-16422/35
  • Luke L Newborn-16523/35
  • Luke L Newborn-124/35
  • Luke L Newborn-225/35
  • Luke L Newborn-326/35
  • Luke L Newborn-427/35
  • Luke L Newborn-528/35
  • Luke L Newborn-629/35
  • Luke L Newborn-730/35
  • Luke L Newborn-831/35
  • Luke L Newborn-932/35
  • Luke L Newborn-1033/35
  • Luke L Newborn-1134/35
  • Luke L Newborn-1235/35


The use of old & new pieces gives this nursery a "modern vintage" vibe.

Design Inspiration

I knew I didn't want a specific theme or color scheme for the nursery.  I wanted the room to be something our baby could grow into.  We had a few vintage pieces we wanted to incorporate with the newer modern pieces.  We also enjoyed tackling some DIY projects for the room to keep it personal and affordable.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is all about using pieces I love and not worrying about whether or not they all necessarily go together.  I tend to mix traditional, modern and vintage pieces and really like to use pops of color when I can.

For more details on this room, check out my personal blog post!

Favorite Items

Some of my personal favorites in the nursery are the mobile, the wooden sign above the crib, the vintage toys on display and the rug!


Look for inspiration pics online and in magazines before starting so you have an idea of a look you want to achieve.  And don't be afraid to break rules and mix styles!


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    I love this rug and it is exactly what I am looking for my sons nursery. I clicked on the link to overstock, but I cant tell from looking at the picture if this is the diamond gray or the trellis gray. Do you happen to remember? Thank you so much!!!

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