Baby Hudson’s Rustic Nursery

  • Baby Boy Rustic Nursery1/30
  • Finished-22/30
  • Finished-33/30
  • Finished-44/30
  • Finished-85/30
  • Faux Deer Head Framed on Wooden Pallet Wall6/30
  • Finished-107/30
  • Finished-10b8/30
  • Finished-119/30
  • Finished-1210/30
  • Cloud Garland11/30
  • Finished-1412/30
  • Finished-1613/30
  • Finished-1714/30
  • Finished-1815/30
  • Finished-1916/30
  • Finished-2217/30
  • Finished-2318/30
  • Finished-2419/30
  • Finished-2620/30
  • Finished-2721/30
  • Finished-2822/30
  • Finished-3023/30
  • Finished-3124/30
  • Finished-3225/30
  • Finished-3326/30
  • Finished-3427/30
  • hb15weeks-528/30
  • Name Initial Made from Driftwood29/30
  • Chalk Paint Refurbished Dresser30/30


Baby Hudson's rustic nursery is a gorgeous room with room to grow. More images and information on purchases.

Design Inspiration

I wanted his room to be both elegant and rustic but something he could grow into so we made it into something that could grow with him with changes in furnishing.

Decorating Style

Rustic elegance.

Project Details

Goodness, we painted the room and changed the fixtures and also repurposed an old dining buffet as a changing station as well as put up a pallet wall.

Favorite Items

I think the signature pallet wall is may fav!


Don't be afraid to experiment and put things together you think don't go-once everything is together it will be magical. Also don't be afraid to repurpose furniture if you can't find the kind you want-non of mine is traditional!


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    I love Baby Hudson’s nursery! The clouds on a string, tiny twig hooks, industrial fan, and dark colors – very cool!

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