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Baby H’s baby/big girl nursery

  • Florence Amber

    You are talented and tasteful when it comes to decorating. Love your ruffle curtains, your mirrors, your birdcages, your frame hooks, and your wooden growth chart. 

  • Jehannarc

    This is gorgeous! Can’t believe you guys made almost all of this. We are doing a lot of DIY too (making a quilt out of fabric I had, making the mobile, growth chart, cloth clothing dividers, etc.), but you really made an amazing and beautiful room! I love the growth chart. It’s gorgeous.

  • Meghan Sterling

    Great minds think alike!! I am just starting our twin nursery and have many similar items as you. Our room colors are pale blue, cream, tan, and yellow (we don’t know the genders). We are going for a cottage farmhouse feel. I got the same rug, but it came in a mint green and not light blue so I am returning it for the cream/tan version. I also have the baby clip wall plaques from Ballard Designs (they came in a set of 3) for $35, and I just bought one Jenny Lind crib for $50 off Craigslist and painted it a cheery yellow. Trying to find #2 now. :-)  I have similar curtains from BBB for $14 but have only small ruffles on the very top (we might have to change these out if we end up having or or both boys) and used a branchy twig from outside as the curtain rod. May I ask how you refinished the trunk and dresser? Love the color – would go perfect!! Did you distress the pieces yourself or use Annie Sloane’s chalk paint for the distressed look?  GRAT JOB!!

  • Meghan Sterling

    PS. I’ve been eyeing a very similar growth chart for a few wks now on etsy but can’t fathom spending $75 for it. Can you post a tutorial on how you DIY this for us? What type of wood did you end up using?

  • Maggie

    What color is the wall paint?  It’s a great neutral.

  • Skmartin33

    Thank you for the kind comments!  

  • Skmartin33

    Hi Meghan.  Thank you for the compliments, I would love to see your finished nursery when the time comes…it sounds great!  I painted the dresser with a mis-tint paint I bought at Lowes for $5.  It’s just a wall paint.  Then I sanded it down to distress and applied a Sherwin Williams glaze over it to give it more aging and distressing.  Van Dyke Brown is the glaze I always use.  I actually purchased the trunk as-is at a local flea market.  

    Good luck with your room.  I love the yellow!  

  • Skmartin33

    I bought the piece of wood at Lowes.  It was pre-treated and already cut to size, 6 foot.  I just stained it with a dark walnut stain and then used a yard stick, paint pen and stencils put the lines and numbers on.  It was super easy.  The wood was 8 bucks and the stain was $5.  Definitely not worth the $75 from Etsy if you don’t mind doing it yourself!  

  • Skmartin33

    Hi Maggie!  The tan color is Harvest Brown by Behr from Home Depot.  

  • faye

    hi there i was wondering if u can help me locate some of those curtains…its exactly what i am after for my daughters room but havent found them anywhere…been w/out curtains bc im so dead det on that style…would love to hear from u. tks :)

  • NEF

    Just beautiful! What is the taupe color on the wall? I want to paint my living room that color, but am finding everything has either too warm or too cool of an undertone. This taupe color is exactly what I’m looking for…..


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