Baby Girl Nursery Room

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fun and colorful garden theme designed for baby girl!

Design Inspiration

butterflies and daisy

Decorating Style

minimalism, contemporary, garden theme, girlie

Favorite Items

sequence butterflies and the garden fence.


don't be afraid to explore color. don't let the stereotype of pink wall for girl's room.  maximize the usage of baby colors.


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    WOW… I love this room, I love how you put up that white picket fence there with the fake flowers.  The blend of pastel colors here is equally amazing.  I love the light and breezy feel coupled with the garden theme :)

  2. 2

    thank you for your kind words! as soon as my little baby girl can move, she will tear apart anything she can reach and those fake flowers will be all gone! i have to enjoy it as much as i can now…lol

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    Where did you find the white picket fence? It looks bigger then what I found at my local hardware store. I love the room, I’m trying to do it for my daughter.

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