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Baby D’s Gender Neutral Nursery

  • Erin T.

    Love the deco, my baby room is much the same, except with yellow! Love all the little details and the elephants too:) Congrats!

  • Rebecca

    such a cute room!

    i love the frames above the changing table, where can they be purchased?


  • Erin


    Thanks Rebecca. I actually got them from Marshalls a couple years ago. I was originally planning on using them in our office. They had different fabric so I changed that out (used Premier Fabrics) and painted them white, they were off white before.

  • Jasmine C.

    I was going to say that that frame above the crib is just gorgeous. And then I saw those frames above the changing table, and they are gorgeous too! I am such a frame girl ;-)

  • Kristin

    love love love this space. you did a spectacular job pulling everything together. I agree that the frames are a huge part in making the room, they are stunning!

  • Alexis

    Beautiful room! I am currently planning my third nursery and was wondering what size the Lucy frame is? And is it double stacked?

    Thank you for your help!

  • Hiam

    Hello. This room is beautiful. Can I ask where you purchased the nightstand from? also what does the frame on the nightstand have written on it?

  • Erin


    Thank you! Yes its Double Stacked and I got it in 16X20.

  • Erin


    I responded to your email but to answer your other question, the frame says “You are my sunshine”.

  • Ashley

    Where did you purchase the dresser & night stand? Our nursery is very similar with the grey & white & we purchased a black crib, but cannot find a dresser that we like. We will do the same and use it as a changing table.

    Thank you

  • Hiam

    Ok another question. do you remember what color white the stripes are in?

  • sissekat


    The dresser is by Bonavita the Sheffield Collection and the night stand I found at Marshalls. We originally had it in our guest bedroom and we moved it in the nursery.

  • sissekat


    Honestly I don’t remember, its from Valspar.

  • Cassandra

    Do you have a better picture of the pillow on the rocking chair?

  • Erin
  • Gina

    Where did you get the picture frame for your ultrasound?
    I have been looking for one just like that. :)
    Great job on the room!!!!

  • Gina

    p.s. the white frame

  • Liz

    Where did you find the matching fitted sheets?

  • sissekat


    I got the frame from a store in Dallas, Texas but it is from Images with Ellyn, you can purchase them from here:

  • sissekat
  • Jamie

    Could you please tell me the color of grays used?

  • Erin


    Its called San Antonio Grey by Benjamin Moore

  • Angie

    What color is your teal frame? robins egg blue?

  • Dana

    Did you make the real mobile? If so, do you have a tutorial

  • sissekat


    Its Benjamin Moore’s Hazy Blue. 2040-50

  • sissekat


    Yeah I made the mobile. Here is the tutorial I followed. I used a circle instead of an X shape as shown in the tutorial.

  • Kelly Ciccarello

    Love the nursery. Do you remember the name of the fabric you used for the glider? The Little Castle brand has so many to choose from! Thanks so much.

  • sissekat

    Kelly Ciccarello,

    Thanks :) It is called Valetti Silver

  • Sara

    Where did you get the lamp that is on the dresser from?

  • jessica

    ok where did you get that the frame above the crib i love it!!!!!!

  • Erin


    Its from Organic Bloom

  • Sara

    Where did you find that amazing lamp?? I love it!! It is exactly what I am looking for for our nursery!

  • Lauren

    I love your nursery! Could you please tell me where you got your curtains? I think they are the perfect shade of grey for my nursery!

  • Meredith

    On the Lucy frame, is the bottom frame Jamaican Sea?

  • Erin

    Is a custom color that you can give them. Its Benjamin Moore’s Hazy Blue. 2040-50

  • SC

    What color is the white stripe?

  • Kiely

    What undertone does San Antonio gray have? Blue, brown, pink, purple, etc.

  • Cristy Mishkula

    Love the colors and decor!


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